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20 yrs ago we opened our New Export Factory. Now we are looking for distributors. We plan to take on 10 new distributors this year. We would prefer a husband and wife team, who have an interest in helping people with disabilities. The returns are good, both spiritual and monetarily. This business can be run from the home using existing items like computers, phone, fax etc. We come to you with a full Training program. For more details please contact us by e-mail

Tempo Tricycles manufactures over 135 special cycles and major accessories mainly to meet the needs of people with disabilities. No one in the world even comes close to what we do. Many products are unique to us and we are prepared to make more as we get closer to meeting every ones needs.

Gareth is into his 70's now and I'm close behind, we really could use someone younger to take over the business and make sure it continues, as a lot of people rely on our tricycles for rehabilitation and much needed exercise. Please email if you have any interest in taking over this rewarding business.

Well Gareth is now turning 75 next year and i'm going to turn 70 this year where are all you young fellows with some bicycle knowledge and wanting to make a name for yourselves in the Tricycle Manufacturing business. Come and visit us in Fiji and see how the factory runs.

We are onto the last chapter Gareth passed away in January 2021 and I am retiring. So the new people will be taking over and filling in the blanks on the web site.


Gareth & Jan
Sales Manager & wife 
Tempo Tricycles International 

new email sales2@tempotricycle.com