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Cobra Tricycles

Cobra's have many of the features of Mack and Nomad Series, like the solid chain guard to assist in mounting and dismounting the tricycle and rear platform. The platform is for carrying siblings, baskets, Canadian crutches, baby seat, passenger seat etc makes these cycle very user  friendly. No weight restriction even if you include any passengers. Like all our tricycles these cycles can fit  all of our accessories. The basic difference between the Cobra's and mack/nomad models is that the cobra's have steel wheels, a more simplified frame and use some lighter/less strong parts. The cobra's also take all accessories including "T" Dual Steering, Back Rest, Foot Supports etc.

Usually comes with a front hand brake and fixed wheel but can have foot brake or gears with foot brake.

Possibly more suitable for the individual owner or for the budget conscious buyer.

Not as heavy duty as the Nomad range but strong enough for most.
4CA20 Adult tricycle "cobra" suits ages 8yrs to full adult.
4CA24 Adult tricycle "cobra" suits ages 10yrs to full adult
4C20 20" BMX tricycle "cobra" suits ages 6yrs to 13yrs (Pictured)
4C16 16" BMX tricycle "cobra" suits ages 4yrs to 8yrs
The nomad/mack range are built more heavily with schools in mind while the cobra range are home base bikes for the individual

T" Dual Steering
Foot Support (Regular and Removable)
Foot Plates (Removable)
Back Rests 3", 6"or 9"
High Back Rests
Saddle Seats

Support Fibreglass Seat
Quick Adjustable Bars Stems

Picture 4CA20 20" Adult Cobra