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The Twosome Express is a side by side Tandem rather than the more traditional Tandem where the 2nd rider sits behind the first.

Both cyclists steer together but could be made that only one steers.

A variety of frame styles are available.

Other components combinations are available upon request.

COMMENTS... It's certainly a social Tandem where both people are equal, lots of conversation, eye contact, a very togetherness, bonding experience. This 3 wheel cycle handles very well and requires neither rider to be able to balance the cycle.

SPECIAL NEEDS... This cycle was originally designed as a training aid for special schools. Recently this cycle and others have featured in newspapers in fun runs and city marathons as the organizers have allowed people with disabilities to participate on cycles.

When used with special needs people, the controlling or most able rider's cycle has a free wheel or coaster brake as well as a front hand brake. The second rider's cycle has a fixed wheel and foot supports to assist that rider to pedal.


Back rest, Foot Supports, Saddle Seat, Fibreglass Support Seat, Tractor seat etc.


Tempo Tricycles manufactures tandems to meet all kinds of needs, from cycles made of hi-ten steel to the best in chro-moly.
The Cruiser Tandem is by far the most popular tandem because of its strength, reliability, economy and it's versatility. This tandem has the specifications you would find on a good sturdy 26" `Mountain Bike. It will suit almost any rider, from a tall adult down to a 10 year old on the front and a 8 year old on the back. Other slightly smaller riders can have the pedals blocked to shorten the distance between saddle and pedals. If a child still can't reach, we have a special 3rd pedal set which can be fitted to the rear seat tube. 5 speed or coaster foot brake. This bike is suitable for the rigors of "Hire" so that it will easily cover family and school use.

18 Speed, all alloy components, light, rigid, fast, perfect for long touring rides. Tig welded Tange chro-moly tubing throughout. Cross-over chains, eccentric front bottom bracket (for front chain tension), index gears, IRC Slick 100 psi Kevlar belted tyres. Choice of handlebars and other parts.

The front sitting section is the same as the cruiser tandem. The rear section is pure tricycle. All wheels are 26 x 1.75. Designed originally for a blind gentleman (needs a tandem) and a lady who cannot or does not have the confidence to ride a two wheeler (needs a tricycle).
COMMENTS....Years of experience have given us the knowledge to build good tandems. We are constantly looking at new ways to improve our bicycles and tandems. Having been in the Cycle Hire Business (which is very rough on cycles) gives us a very good testing ground. This experience led to the development of a new type of front chain tension-er solving a major problem of the occasional front chain derailment. In the past, we have tried unsuccessfully to use other forms of front chain tensioners. You will notice that the front chain on our tandem is straight and correctly tension-ed. This is achieved by the front chain wheel set sliding (telescoping) in and out of the main bar.
Some bicycle hire firms had given up hiring out tandems because of the front chain derailment. This development will give them the opportunity to hire tandems again.
Pictured Tandem Tricycle with 6" Backrest, and Foot Supports for the Pilion passenger.
This 3rd pedal set can move along the rear seat tube so that it can be adjusted to suit any child. This unit is connected to the rear pedal set making it part of the main drive system. When no longer needed this unit is easily removable.

...MOSTLY COUPLES AND FAMILIES. It is a great togetherness machine. It's more of everything: more time together, more enjoyment and a lot more fun. Cycling is not only enjoyable but it's a very pleasant way to get that much needed exercise. With couples usually one member is stronger than the other. With solo bikes, one would have to wait for the other so that the weaker rider is the only one getting the full exercise benefit. This way the stronger rider would put in say 60% of the power and the other rider say 40% but each would receive the full exercise benefit.

...A PERSON WHO IS SIGHT IMPAIRED can enjoy a wholesome family exercise activity. The words "Family" and "Togetherness" should always be mentioned when we talk about tandems

..A PERSON WHO HAS A PHYSICAL OR INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY can get the benefit from riding a cycle. The two pedal sets are coupled together so that the second rider has to pedal with the front rider. Sometimes to make this successful, the second rider may have to use our foot supports.

...PEOPLE WHO CAN'T RIDE A REGULAR BIKE. Not being able to ride a two wheeler is not a problem, in fact it can be a benefit. The second rider should not try to balance the cycle as this is carried on by the first rider. Relax, enjoy and do your share of pedalling

8TRM) MTB  TRAILER BIKE (mountain bike)

Like a Tandem the front rider controls the ride. Many people who start off with the  20“ trailer bike, prefer to continue with the same, but with the larger model. The need to change comes when the Stoker (tandem term for second rider) becomes heavier/ taller and put extra weight on the back of the bike making it too light in the front.
Customer Letter.

Ted and Stew are at the park under the Storey Bridge before setting out on the path to South Bank.
Stew took 2 or 3 goes before he was quite comfortable (as he is with anything new). He was a little bothered by the red seat, as the old one was black.

Ted took a little while to get used to the speed (it’s a lot faster) and the slightly different handling. He often lets Stew do the pedaling now. Stew has grown quickly in the last six months (he is nearly as tall as me now).
Thanks for all your trouble and attention to detail. The bike provides so much pleasure for Ted and Stew.

Best Wishes
Joan L.


Is a fun together activity this cycle  can be for two or four people everyone peddling. Mostly used by homes, Institution and support groups. The Four Seaters is the most  popular as :

- One Carer  can look after three clients The Carer Steers and  operates the brakes
- Look and feels like a car
- Suits people with an intellectual disability and physical disabilities that don't require a lot of body supports

4S2MT model T Surry for 2 people.