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Exerciser, U-Scoot, Car racks & Tricycle Trailers

10G) THE HARLAND EXERCISER - Is named after the Physical Education teacher at Clifford Park Special School, in Toowoomba, Queensland. Ron Harland approached us to make a strong exercise cycle for the pupils, to increase their fitness and develop their co-ordination. He also wanted to have a back pedal brake fitted, the idea being to teach the pupils how to use a foot brake in the comfort and safety of the classroom. After the pupils master the foot brake operation, they can then try it on regular cycles or tricycles on pathways and finally the roadway - learning to ride safely in slow progressive stages. 

Other Features:-
1. This attractive exerciser is no toy. It's designed for the serious user. The heavy duty construction makes it good for a school environment.
2. The gear system, chain, etc. are fully enclosed for safe operation.
3. The fly (resistance) wheel is turned from a solid piece of steel. It itself gives some resistance so that the belt has minimum tightness giving the desired resistance.
4. Handlebars are quick and adjustable to suit all requirements.
5. It is easily stored.

14UEI  Early Intervention U-Scoot

for ages 2.5. to 6 yrs

14U U-Scoot

3 wheel scooter for maximum fun and stability. Always one of the most popular cycles. Excellent for able bodied to high needs students. Develops new skills and builds co-ordination endless hours of stimulating fun. The leg extension makes it a favourite with therapists. For some, students can first stand on the side boards and be pushed or pulled along, then start pawing at the ground. Finally pushing a litte and then fully extending with either leg.

Suites ages 6 yrs to Adult

2401F Folding Car Rack 

Fits to the tow bar and carries one tricycle and any two bikes. Other racks are available for carrying other items like Go-Carts, Tricycle only

Tricycle or Bicycle Car Trailer

The picture shows a community health project where they take the cycles to disadvantaged people living in the community for rides in the parks. This is part of their recreation and exercise program. Made to order.