Tempo Tricycles


Going Along for the Ride

When You Want to Participate but You Need Help

Cycles and trailers that lets the more disabled participate in a family/school cycle programs. The cycle allows those who can't hand or foot pedal to join in with others in cycling and experience the thrill of riding, wind in their face, the feeling of speed and the texture of different road surfaces. The cycles or trailers are usually ordered with a reclining seat so that the passenger can be rotated to any position so they can comfortably look forwards. The passenger is secured by a full racing harness.


The back support was designed to help carry up to 4 children. A shade canopy can be fitted to this unit.

15A) ROAD RUNNER TRAILER. (4yrs - full adult).
The trailer trial is very positive with the performance reaching our best hopes. To give it a good test we used a lady passenger of average size. She felt it to be secure and fun .The riders of the bicycle found the cycle handled in a regular manner unimpaired by the trailer.

The trailer is very stable partly due to the three couplings that allow the trailer to twist and turn to cover all road conditions. The back wheels are always on the ground even on the most severe slopes. If the cycle is layed over in the sharpest turn the trailer still follows safely.

Other features include: over size tubing for additional stength, fits behind any cycle or tricycle, easy access, the "c" frame has one side missing and no centre bar to be in the way of the seat, the seat can be reclined to allow a passenger who needs support to look forward. Body harness, head support, wheel covers, cushion seats, adjustable pumel, and adjustable handlebars.

The trailer is made of fibreglass and can be fitted to any bicycle and most tricycles. Sealed bearing hubs and axles are the same as fitted to the tricycles. Wheels 20 x 1.75. Draw bar has a safety connection so that if the cycle should fall over, the trailer remains upright.

COMMENTS... "The trailer is excellent for both rider and passengers. Kids love it. It's a great fun ride." From the rider's point of view he/she will hardly notice that the trailer is there. (We tested the new trailer with an 8 and 9 year old child.) The trailer would be invaluable for anyone who wants, or needs to transport 2 children by bicycle.

In the spirit of pedalled Asian Taxis. Front "car type steering" makes it much more stable than it's Asian cousin, enabling almost any carer to ride easily. The passenger sits in the front in the line of vision of the rider/carer.
A cycle that lets all participate Usually fitted with 5 speed internal geared hub with foot brake allowing passengers up to 150 kgs (not counting the rider) to be carried easily. Passenger example; two adults and a child. Capsule can be fitted if required. Other seating options are a single or double reclining seats.
An off road Transporters. The main advantage that the Chariot has over an off road wheelchair is the ease of use over sand and dirt because it's pulled and not pushed. The extensive use of plastic, alloy and stainless steel means the Chariot, can go into salt water and harsh conditions with out damage. The rails are removable and can be dismantled for transport purposes. Bloom tyres can be stored on it's back. Can be carried on one of our Tricycle/cycle car racks. Also comes with pulling harness.

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We can extend a Nomad Tricycle so a seat can be added to the back, the seat will take children of 4 yrs up to full adults. Designed for the more able bodied to people who don’t need a lot of body support, the more severely disabled would need the Trailer or Taxi.