Tempo Tricycles


Hand Pedalled Tricycles

13D) Rapid Hand Cycle

Perfect for building upper body strength and developing co-ordination in any child. Easily adjustable to suit 5 to 16 year olds. Ideal for playgrounds. This machine promotes both fun and excitement and is like a Formula 1 racer - light, low geared, low running resistance, and low center of gravity (almost impossible to tip). Other features include padded arm chair styled seat with seat belts, foot supports, coaster brake, park brake, and 20 x 1 3/8 wheels.

Comments: It's very difficult to make a hand pedaled tricycle look like a bicycle because of it's function. What we have done is to make the hand pedaled cycle exciting enough so that able bodied people will want to have a go as well.

The hand Pedaled Comes apart for easy transportation Front section with the slide bar, and seat on wheels, making it easier to fit into the car.

13E) Mini Rapid Hand Cycle with 16" Wheels   Pictured

13F) Micor Rapid Hand Cycle with 12" Wheels

Option Accessories

NEW Comes with a reach adjustment backwards and forwards and up and down, and T Rod Steering in all 3 models.

Floppy Leg Support

Curved bar is fitted to the front of the seat between the riders legs a Velcro strap is used to tie legs and bar together.

Rapid Hand Cycle

With new steering pictured.

Rapid Hand Cycle 

With reach adjustment pictured

13G) Shopper's Friend

This Wheel chair accessory, is an alternative to using a push ring .It changes  the action  of the  wheel chair and makes it less stressful and more manoeuvrable for the rider  in tight areas for example; office/shops or in crowds.

13S Spinner

The spinner is powered by hand pedals connected to the wheels. It can be moved in all directions and can rotate on the spot by turning one side faster than the other. The Spinner is an exciting vehicle offering many hours of stimulating play, leading to improved gross motor, balance and coordination All wheels are fitted with bearings.

Fits 4 year old children to any size  adult  comes with adjustable foot plate to accommodate younger riders.

13CR) Challenger Road Hand Cycle

This cycle is one of our hand pedaled cycles made for the open road, with 21 speed gears. This hand cycle has the performance of a Bicycle. It is built for Fun rides, touring and racing. Usually comes with a web seat.

4EADC) EZE Rider Double Combinations

Many of our foot pedaled cycles can be converted to hand pedaled, or hand pedaled and foot pedaled, for e.g. our Tandem Tricycle and our Double Eze Rider could have the second rider hand pedaling. Please advise if you are interested in these or any other changes.

Optional Accessories
Foot Support (Regular and Removable)
Hand Supports
Full Harness