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Food Vending  & Industrial Tricycles

In today's rapidly changing world "Work Cycles" have held their place. Around the world Work Cycles are tested every day and found to be durable, economical, reliable and multifunctional.

Larger Corporations such as NASA, Mercedes Benz and the Armed Forces of most nations, use and recommend "work cycle".

Tempo Tricycles are currently being utilized for maintenance,  internal transportation and general purpose by such industrial giants as Mt. Isa Mines and Gladstone's Boyne Smelter. The Royal Australian Army utilizes our cycles to transport stores and as work stations for repairs and gardening.

We have been in the cycle business for over 30 years specializing  in custom made cycles and tricycles for 'Industry, Vending, Rehabilitation & Recreation'. Our Company prides itself on quality products to meet our customer's needs.

Who uses Industrial Cycles?

- Ford Motor Car Company & Mack Tracks uses tricycles to keep parts up to assembly line. The tricycles adds no noise or pollution to the work environment. If not abused work bikes will never wear out, only require new bicycle tyre's about every 5 years.
- The Australian Air Force uses our carts for taking engines parts for service in different departments, for gardening and maintenance.
- BP Refinery moves mail and spare parts by our maintenance / delivery bike. The carts carry larger items or are setup as workstations to do maintenance. They were using a crane to move oxy acetylene around which required 4 people for safety reasons, this now is done by 1 person using an oxy-cart.
- In industry that make food the non polluting feature is useful as there is nothing to contaminate the food in flour mill, the tricycle proposes no dangerous sparks that could cause an explosion.
- City Councils  for gardening and rubbish removal in parks. Carts can do the job well, carry all items, tools, mowers,wipper snipper, plants, soil, etc. It makes economic sense  as the alternative is Jon Deere 4 wheelers which need fuel and servicing. The motor never gets hot because of the short distances. It's and expensive piece of equipment to just sits in one spot for hours.
- Marina's to carry paint tools, etc. Maintenance work made easier by carrying all you need. The tricycle can get into smaller spaces than the alternative like a forklift.
- Alcoha uses tricycles in the maintenance department on the 5th floor of the Carbon Plant. The tricycle utility is loaded with tools, filters, oils and seals etc. and is ridden from machine to machine that  need servicing.
- Small Airports: to carry passenger's luggage, freight or used for maintenance  purposes.

Take a few moment to view our pictures and read our suggestions on how you may be able to use these unique cycles and then consider how our cycles can best "work for you".

#2B Campina Ice-Cream Cart
(Fiber-Glass Box)

Within reason carrying weight is not a problem. On our Ice-Cream Cart, Streets fits a freezer that two adults struggle to lift.

#2C Streets I/Cream Cart
(Freezer box on front)

Within reason carrying weight is not a problem. On our Ice-Cream Cart, Streets fits a freezer that two adults struggle to lift.

#2C Hot Dog Cart
(Stainless Steel Box)

Within reason carrying weight is not a problem for our Hot Dog Carts.

#1 The Maintenance/

#6 Cruiser with Tool Box

#5 Engineers Cycle with Tool Box

Advantages... The Thinking Man's Alternative, Because It Makes Sense.

CARTS - In Asia they are the most popular way to transport goods. Tray size can be made to fit the user's requirement.

Tricycle Utes (Utilities) - Can have an size tray to suit your needs or could have any type of rack or box. Tempo Tricycles can make these items or you can just advise the size of the tray you need.

Novelty a pedaled cart offering drinks is pedaled around a larger resort swimming pool. Stopping at different areas where the operator plugs in the cooling unit. It's not only useful, it's also attractive and adds to the guest's experience.

Heavy duty  rims, full rear axle, standard bicycle components.

#4THD Trike Ute Tray (Heavy duty)
(tray size 1.5 X 1.2 metres)


#4THD Trike Ute with Tray (Heavy Duty)
(tray size 0.9 X 1.2metres)