Tempo Tricycles


Macks and Nomads

We purposely make our tricycles to match quality bicycles for both looks and technical correctness. For nearly one hundred years the correct geometry of seat to pedal, steering head angle, position of seat to handle bars, wheel base, etc. have all been know. The correct design means greater comfort and maximum performance, to increase stability our tricycles are lower, shorter and wider than others.

We say that our tricycles have a classic design, uncomplicated, uncluttered and have a beauty about them, built for the task at hand. Our tricycles are made by active bike riders and our quality tricycles show this high level of involvement.

Pictured 4m20,20"BMX Mack Tricycles with" T" Rod steering, Support seat, quick adjustable bars & stems and foot support and Brake Lever on the T Bar for Parent or Carer to control stopping.

Other features:
1) Through customer choice most of our tricycles are fixed wheel but can be varied. For example foot brake, gears etc. can be fitted at any time.

2) All trikes will take all accessories like "T" dual steering system, back rests, special saddle seats etc.

3) Biggest range of models, means the biggest range of solutions.

4) This company has been going for over 45yrs. This experience shows in the 130 products we make and the parts we choose.

5) Front brake that also is the park brake.

Special tempo features that improve the experience;
1) Lowest possible step through
2) Solid chain guards To step on to aid getting on the Trike.
3) Anti full turn, stops the handlebars from being turned more than 90 degrees.

Pictured 24" Nomad with regular Seat and Handlebars

Any adult tricycle can come with this large shopping basket (505x412x282) with two side platforms so that goods can also be carried across the basket. Total width of basket including platforms is 800mm. The platforms also form the base for the Children's Back Support which can carry up to 4 children picture below.

Children's Back support

The back support was designed to help carry up to four children added to the shopping basket design in the above picture. A shade canopy is also fitted to this unit.


Children's BMX Tricycles

The front half is a regular BMX cycle with BMX bars & stem. The rear section consists of two wheels with sealed bearing hubs. The cycle is of rugged construction and suits any child who would fit a 20" regular BMX cycle. It is usually fitted with a rear fixed wheel, which assists in pedaling, or a coaster foot brake.
Frame Options,- Regular boys BMX double bar or single bar step-through.

Pictured with T Rod Steering, 6" Backrest, Support Seat, Quick bars and Foot Supports

4M16) 16" BMX TRICYCLE. All wheels are 16 inch, other features same as the 4M20.

Pictured with T Rod Steering, 6" Backrest with Support Seat, Quick Bars and Foot Supports

4M12) 12" BMX TRICYCLE. All wheels are 12 inch, other features same as the 4M20.

Pictured with the Founder of our Tricycles business Gareth Isham, 12" Mack with T steering 6" Backrest regular seat and handlebars.

" T " Dual Steering
Foot Supports (Regular or Removable) Pictured
Footplates (Removable)
Hand Supports
High BackRests
Saddle Seat
Quick Adjustable Bar & Stems