Tempo Tricycles


Pedalled Go-Cart

Easily the most popular cycle at schools. Suits all kinds of people from able bodied to a high level of disability. Every student and teacher wants to have a go, excellent bike to get the hard to please people involved in an activity. It looks like a racing car and captures peoples imagination. It's often used as a reward for good listening, attendance, and behavior etc. 

Made originally to suit autistic people.

For many individual this bike is just perfect. The special features of excellent body support, great looks, very stable. Very safe, and the fact that it takes all of the accessories like "T" dual steering system and foot supports makes it work well. 

Other features:

Seat is quickly adjustable to all sizes designated for that model.
Pump up tyres for cushioned ride.
Wheels and axles have sealed bearings for low maintenance.
High quality moulded fibre glass seats
Quick adjustable handle bars.
Can be used in confined spaces like a court yard. Lots of endless fun.
Very tough. Tough enough to be used by able-bodied hell raisers.

16PGAAdult go-cart 8yrs to full adult.
16PGJ Junior go-cart 6yrs to 13 yrs
16PGM Mini go-cart 3yrs to 8 yrs


"T" Dual  Steering Systems
Foot Supports
Hand Supports
Knee Separators
Full Harness
Removable Foot Plates
Removable Foot Supports
4 Point Pelvic Strap