Tempo Tricycles


Rabbit Tricycles

Progressive Development. Front Wheel Drive Tricycle.
These cycles have turned out to be one of our most popular because of their diversification. Since the cycle is a front wheel drive the pedals are forward and out of the way, the children often start out by holding the handlebars and walking pushing the cycle, then progressing to sitting on the cycle and pushing it along the floor and finally by pedaling it.

Originally designed for quite tall 10 yrs old children who were delayed because of sight and hearing impairment. The cycle within seconds can be adjusted to fit a small child and then an adult.
The seat moves up and down and slides the full length of the top bar, while the handlebars move up and down and forward and backwards. The rabbit comes standard with a "saddle seat" but can have a "special rabbit seat" for greater upper body support comes with chest and pelvic strap or a saddle type seat with a curved back rest.
(For more information see the letter supplied by the Narbethong School for whom the original cycle was made for In Reports From Schools).

Rabbits are available in 5 models;
4R10, with 10" front wheel and 8" rear wheels, all solid wheels 3 yrs to Adult
4RAT, with 12" Pneumatic wheels all round 3 yrs to Adult
4R16, with 16" front Pneumatic wheel and 12" rear Pneumatic wheels  5 yrs to Adult
4RJEI  Early Intervention Rabbit for preschool age 2.5 to 4yrs
4RM, Mini Rabbit has many of the features of the other rabbits but is less adjustable. Comes standard with a small banana style seat

4RCBT Old Fashioned Trike front wheel drive with rear buddy seat

Special Rabbit Seat

Excellent upper body support. Since the pedals are out in front you can use a seat resembling that of a regular chair. The seat usually comes with a chest and pelvic strap, with a 6" Backrest and full 5 point harness with a high back rest (pictured). Very comfortable.


"T" Dual Steering
Foot Supports or
Removerable Foot Supports
Hand Supports
Special Rabbit Seats
Comes standard with Saddle Seat (Mini excepted)

4RAT All Terrain Rabbit with Saddle Seat and Steering.

4RAT with Special Rabbit Seat and T Rod Steering

4RCBT Child Buddy Trike

4REIAT Early InterventionAll Terrain Rabbit with Special EI seat.

4RAT Rabbit AT with Carry Rack Saddle Seat and T Rod Steering.

4R16 Rabbit with Special High back seat and Rod Steering