Tempo Tricycles


Resort and Hire Tricycles

All Cycles shown have proven their worth. We'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

8SF2/4 The Surrey is a fun Activity. This Cycle can be for two, four, six or eight people all pedaling. Looks great with it's car like appearances and canopy, right at home in a holiday setting. Example: Is there very successful use around Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra Australia.

4EAD The Double Eze Rider 

Harley-Davidson, lay back resort type ride with partner right there beside you. Talk as you ride, share the pedaling experience together. Come back relaxed and refreshed ready for the next activity, or just ride for hours.

15B  The Taxi 

In the spirit of pedaled Asian Taxis, Front "car type steering" makes it much more stable than it's Asian cousin, enabling almost any person to ride easily. The passenger sits in the front in the line of vision of the rider. A cycle that lets all participate. Usually fitted with 5 speed internal geared hub with foot brake allowing passengers up to 150 kg's (not counting the rider) to be carried easily. Passenger example; two adults and a child. Baby Capsule can be fitted to the bench seat or a a bicycle baby seat can be fitted to the rear.

The Twosome Express is a side by side Tandem rather than the more traditional Tandem where the 2nd rider sits behind the first.

Both cyclists steer together but could be made that only one steers.

A variety of frame styles are available.

Other components combinations are available upon request.

COMMENTS... It's certainly a social Tandem where both people are equal, lots of conversation, eye contact, a very togerthness, bonding experience. This 3 wheel cycle handles very well and requires neither rider to be able to balcnce the cycle.

SPECIAL NEEDS... This cycle was originally designed as a training aid for special schools. Recently this cycle and others have featured in newspapers in fun runs and city marathons as the organisers have allowed people with disabilities to participate on cycles.

When used with special needs people, the controlling or most able rider's cycle has a free wheel or coaster brake as well as a front hand brake. The second rider's cycle has a fixed wheel and foot supports to assist that rider to pedal. 

8 The Tandem 

Years of experience have given us the knowledge to build good tandems. This tandem has the specifications you would find on a good sturdy 26" `Mountain Bike. It will suit almost any rider, from a tall adult down to a 10 year old on the front and a 8 year old on the back. 5 speed or coaster foot brake. This bike is suitable for the rigours of "Hire". Baby seat  can be  fitted  to the rear.

13D The Spinner is powered by hand pedals connected to the wheels. It can be moved in all directions and can rotate on the spot by turning one side faster than the other. The Spinner is an exciting vehicle offering many hours of stimulating play, leading to improved gross motor, balance and coordination. All wheels are fitted with bearings.

Fits 4 year old children to any size adult. Comes with adjustable foot plate to accommodate younger riders.

The trailer is made of fibreglass and can be fitted to any bicycle and most tricycles. Sealed bearing hubs and axles are the same as fitted to our  tricycles. Wheels 20 x 1.75. Draw bar has a safety connection so that if the cycle should fall over, the trailer remains upright.

COMMENTS... "The trailer is excellent for both rider and passengers. Kids love it. It's a great fun ride." From the rider's point of view he/she will hardly notice that the trailer is there. (We tested the new trailer with an 8 and 9 year old child.) The trailer would be invaluable for anyone who wants, or needs to transport 2 children by bicycle.

3 Wheel Scooter for maximum fun and stability. Always one of the most popular cycles, excellent for all ages. Develops new skills and builds co-ordination endless hours of stimulating fun.

Comes in :
14U  U-Scoot  6yrs to Adult.
14UAT U-Scoot All Terain. (Pump up Wheels)

14 UEI Early Intervention U-Scoot  2.5yrs to 6yrs