Tempo Tricycles


Rover Tricycles

These are home based bikes which mean they are suitable for  individual. These are our most economical range. 

                Includes children's cycles - 12", 16", 20" BMX 

                     and Adult tricycles  - 20"and 24"

4ROA20  20" Adult Rover with regular seat and handlebars

4ROA24-5S      24" Rover with 5 speed Derailleur Gears

These are purposely built tricycles (not a conversion) but are sold at lower price than you would expect to pay for a conversion. A conversion is a tricycles that started as a standard bicycles and then 2 back wheels added the result is usually a combination of inappropriate parts too high a center of gravity, the wrong gearing etc. They are made within the criteria of the the correct geometry that is found on quality bicycles as with our other cycles, attention to details is evident. These cycles have no weight restriction on the rider but will not accommodate any passengers. We use a lighter tricycle frame, rear end, and parts. Every bike should be looked after and if these Cycles are used but not abused they will last a long time.

Foot Supports

Support Seat (fibreglass)

4RO12   12" BMX Rover

4RO20    20" BMX Rover