Tempo Tricycles


Sports Cruiser

Features of the Sports Cruiser:

Fun and easy to ride.

Well supported comfortable seat. Ideal for the heavier students,

no weight restriction. Easier to use with a hoist lifting device.

Quick and Easy adjustable seat, Front 'V 'type brake with park,

locking lever, low gearing and fixed wheel to teach pedal patterning.

Comes in 3 Sizes: 

Adult size suits 8yrs to full adult Picture beside   

Junior size suits 6yrs to 13yrs

Mini size suits 2.5yrs to 6yrs.

        Junior Sports Cruiser   Can have Intermediate size seat.

Double sports Cruiser. Rider with Disability can have foot supports and full harness. 

4SCM Mini Sports Cruiser

4SCM Mini Sports Cruiser.

Accessories Available:
2117RT Rod Steering System.

2002 Foot Supports.

2004 Hand Supports.

2140 Adjustable Pedal Arms