Tempo Tricycles


Cycling Is An Important Life Skill
Experiences from Specialist Schools

- Qld Health, Bald Hospital.- "Riding a Bike is a Life Skill".

- Gabbinbar Intergrated State School -"Where we saw for the first time, children with little use of their lets, successfully ride our trikes".

- Report from Woody Point Special School- "A witness to the progress in skill acqusition of a previously passive group of students with severe/profound intellectual disabilities and associated physical disabilities".

- Hamewith State Special School- "Aims and Bicycle Riding Programs, Objectives".

- "The best bicycles track we have seen at the time of publication". - The full story from Currimundi Special School.

- "Bike Riding in a Special Education Setting". Glen Watson is a Physical Education Teacher at 3 Special Schools. He has a lot of success from this program and would be happy to talk with you if you need more information.

- Narbethong State Special School- "Students with a visual and hearing impairments. The story of the rabbit"