Tempo Tricycles



ECONOMICAL: You can save money...no petrol, no insurance, no registration, no license and no everyday wear and tear on that expensive car. You can also save money for the community. If more people cycled it would save the local council money by not needing wider roads, or another down town car park etc. Cycles don't damage road surfaces either.

CONVENIENCE: Ready to go when you are, and when you get there it's easy to park. Riding short distances (under 8 km's) takes similar amount of time especially if you take traffic and parking difficulties into consideration. If you use a tricycle (with the large basket), you have the extra convenience of being able to carry goods. Whether you're going shopping, going to bowls, tennis or taking the children to pre-school, our tricycle can handle these tasks easily.

EXERCISE: We all need a certain amount of exercise and this is a fun way to get it. It doesn't seem like exercise because you are doing something, going somewhere - visiting friends, going shopping or just sightseeing. You can enjoy our beautiful country by moving at your own pace.


Most of the tricycles we supply to special schools are fitted with a fixed wheel - this means that if the cycle is in motion, the pedals must turn. This is a very good feature when teaching pedal patterning or when one limb is weaker than the other. It soothes out the pedaling and avoids the sticking points when the cranks are at 12 & 6 o'clock positions. The fixed wheel acts as a reverse gear so that if the rider finds himself in an awkward situation, he doesn't have to dismount, he merely backs out by pedaling backwards. All our cycles are fitted with a front brake. The fixed wheel can be used as a rear brake by resisting the forward movement of the pedals.

WHAT WHEEL SIZE IS BEST: By increasing the wheel size, the center of gravity is reduced thereby increasing stability of the cycle, making the bigger wheel cycle more popular with taller people.

RECOMMENDATION: The adult tricycle 4N20 is the most popular cycle for special schools because of it's versatility. It covers a wide range of people from an 8 year old up to full adult. The tricycle is lightweight and low geared making it easy to handle especially for beginners. This tricycle is usually fitted with "Fixed Wheel", " Foot Supports", and often with a "Back Rest" and ""T" Dual Steering".