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Best Tricycle Touring Destinations

Best Tricycle Touring Destinations


Are you an adventurous soul seeking a unique and eco-friendly way to explore the world? Look no further than tricycle touring! Tricycle Touring Destinations, often referred to as “recumbent trike touring,” offers a thrilling yet comfortable way to discover beautiful destinations while minimizing your carbon footprint.

In this article, we will take you on a journey to some of the best tricycle touring destinations worldwide. From scenic coastal routes to breathtaking mountain trails, these destinations offer the perfect backdrop for your next tricycle adventure.

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The Appeal of Tricycle Touring

Before we dive into our list of top tricycle touring destinations, let’s explore why tricycle touring has gained popularity in recent years.

Eco-Friendly Exploration

Tricycle touring is an eco-conscious mode of travel. These three-wheeled wonders are powered by human energy, making them a sustainable and green alternative to traditional gas-guzzling vehicles.

Comfort and Stability

Unlike traditional bicycles, tricycles offer enhanced stability due to their three-wheel design. This stability is particularly attractive to those who may have balance issues or want a more relaxing touring experience.

Cargo Capacity

Tricycles typically come with ample cargo space, making them ideal for extended tours. You can carry camping gear, clothing, and other essentials without sacrificing comfort.

Top Tricycle Touring Destinations

Now that you understand the allure of tricycle touring, let’s embark on a virtual journey to some of the best destinations for this unique mode of travel.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway

Stretching along the breathtaking coastline of California, the Pacific Coast Highway is a dream come true for tricycle enthusiasts. Marvel at the rugged cliffs, pristine beaches, and charming coastal towns as you pedal your way through this iconic route.

The Netherlands’ Tulip Fields

For a serene and colorful tour, head to the Netherlands during springtime. The tulip fields in bloom create a mesmerizing backdrop as you explore this flat and cyclist-friendly country.

New Zealand’s South Island

If dramatic landscapes and outdoor adventures are your calling, consider touring New Zealand’s South Island. From the fjords of Milford Sound to the stunning Southern Alps, this destination offers a tricycle adventure like no other.

Tuscany, Italy

Indulge in the romance of Tuscany as you pedal through rolling vineyards, charming villages, and historic cities. Tuscany’s picturesque countryside is perfect for a leisurely tricycle tour, complete with delectable Italian cuisine.

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Taiwan’s East Coast

For a taste of Asian beauty, explore Taiwan’s stunning east coast. This route takes you through lush forests, rocky coastlines, and vibrant cultural hubs, offering a diverse and captivating tricycle experience.

Iceland’s Ring Road

For the ultimate adventure, circle Iceland on your tricycle. The Ring Road takes you through an otherworldly landscape of glaciers, volcanoes, and waterfalls, providing an unparalleled journey through the Land of Fire and Ice.

Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Trail

Experience the rich history and culture of Vietnam as you follow the Ho Chi Minh Trail on your tricycle. This historic route is dotted with war relics, charming villages, and breathtaking scenery.

Canada’s Cabot Trail

Discover the rugged beauty of Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island by touring the Cabot Trail. With its stunning coastal views and lush forests, this destination promises an unforgettable tricycle adventure.

Conclusion: Tricycle Touring Destinations

Tricycle touring offers a unique and eco-conscious way to explore the world’s most beautiful destinations. From the coastal splendor of California to the enchanting tulip fields of the Netherlands, there’s a tricycle adventure waiting for everyone. So, gear up, pedal on, and let the world unfold before you on your next tricycle touring escapade.


Q1: Is tricycle touring suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Tricycle touring is a great option for beginners due to its stability and comfort.

Q2: What kind of tricycle is best for touring?

Recumbent trikes are the most popular choice for touring, as they offer excellent comfort and cargo capacity.

Q3: Do I need to be in excellent shape for tricycle touring?

While being in good shape can enhance your experience, tricycle touring can be enjoyed by people of various fitness levels.

Q4: How much does a tricycle for touring cost?

The cost of a touring tricycle varies widely depending on brand and features. Entry-level models start at a few hundred dollars, while high-end options can exceed a few thousand.

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